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19th Feb Total Equestrian

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


> 1st Peter and Minnie 94.5

> 2nd Alison and Herbie 94

> 3rd Kirsty and Pickle 83

> 4th Barry and Ziva 62

> 5th Anette and Jennie 50

> 6th Emily and Crosby 48

> Diamond

> 1st Jan and Amber 94


> Bronze

> 1st Marney and Mustard 96

> 2nd Kirsten and Isla 95

> 3rd Sheila and Taylor 92

> 4th Alison and Herbie 91

> 5th Hilary and Drusie 89

> 6th Peter and Minnie 88


> Diamond

> 1st Jan and Amber 77


> Silver

> 1st Vanessa and Lola 91

> 2nd Linda and Elsa 80

> 3rd Hilary and Drusie 79.5

> 4th Sheila and Nico 78

> 5th Bev and Delilah 77.5

> 6th Marie and Margo 76.5


> Diamond

> 1st Jan and Mattie 87.5

Judges report silver

This was held in a large barn used to store horse bedding, multiple isles of palleted items.

The first hide was in a door frame directly opposite the start, the frame had a large gap around it which pushed airflow in and a lot of dogs picked up some odour at the start but then really worked it in from halfway across the barn. A few dogs and handlers got a bit stuck at the start as dogs picked up some odour on the airflow but also picked up human odour from when’re the judges scoresheets and drinks where, those that moved on then worked it in well but some held there dogs for a while here or pushed them into a false

The second hide was on the bottom of a wall in a small area that was a bit awkward for handlers to access so dogs had to show a bit of independence in their search. It was on a wall that faced the sun externally and the odour definitely moved more later in the day, the early dogs had to search the whole wall to find, later dogs picked odour up quite some distance away under some pallets but had to come out of odour and around the pallets to get to source . Both hides were positioned to get to source but the area meant using teamwork and good coverage skills to pinpoint them

The Bronze area today proved somewhat challenging for all competitors. The room was an empty office space, it was very bright and noise echoed somewhat. The space had been set up for a puppy class which took place in the morning so lots of chairs and tables with some other random items like a suitcase and box of toys dotted around. The room is insulated, inside a building so very little air movement to contend with.

The first hide was on the underside of a metal bistro table at one end of the room. This was an easy find for all dogs. Any teams that worked clockwise around the room found it within the first 30 seconds, but all dogs worked the wall leading up to the hide beautifully without rushing. Some really lovely odour working for this hide, with dogs giving great body language for handlers to work with.

The second hide proved challenging, although a relatively simple hide, in a crevice at the bottom on the wall the other end of the room, every dog bounced off the wall to a nearby chair and got stuck working the odour here. Almost every dog indicated on the chair, or wall behind the chair (in odour but not at source) or both. High scorers persisted with the area, with or without handler intervention to eventually get to and indicate at source. Some that struggled to locate the hide, chanced an indication on an identical table to the first hide. All teams showed some excellent search patterns, and indications (correct or false).

Some general feedback: Teams need to work on identifying and clearing ‘empty’ areas rather than being drawn to objects. Have a micro-search pattern to work odour so the dog is working into the odour from all sides, this will give them the best chance of sourcing the hide even if the odour is pooling away from source (watch this space for workshops of this theme).

Judges report - club

This was held in the training room, a large rectangular room with sofas at one end and various chairs and tables around the edge. A few extra items where added in to the area, one being an exercise step on which the hide was placed just off centre in the room

Overall so good searches and handlers moving around the area, a few missed the centre items so didn’t find and a couple of dogs got distracted by storage boxes with dog training equipment in, but all that searched the whole area found

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