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Bronze and Silver with Imprint Ecology

The silver search area was a ~50m long rectangle on hardstanding, partially under cover on the edge of a football pitch. Along one side was a fence with large signage and netting, and on the other side was a metal wall with short rows of folded up plastic seats running along it. There were two sit-on lawn mowers in first third of the search area which some handlers overhandled slightly as there were some intricate areas on these vehicles and odour may have been caught on them, but it was nice to see a few handlers recognise when their dogs had cleared them and moved on. The first hide was on a gate post on the left, just before the mowers, quite early on in the search area. Being early on meant that some speedy dogs ran straight past it and didn’t acknowledge it initially, but quite a few handlers acknowledged this and worked them back. Many handlers ensured good area coverage by searching along the fence either side – hitting the first hide – before moving onto searching the mowers. The second hide was at the far end of the search area – this was the ‘inaccessible’ hide which was stuck near the wall behind some seats so dogs couldn’t get to source. Most dogs found this one and they indicated on the seats – some tried to indicate with their paws on the seats and some went round the side – these were all acceptable locations – the majority of handlers did well to wait out their dogs for a committed indication and mark it at the right time. Some lovely searching today and all teams were a pleasure to watch.


🥇 Sue Russell and Basil - 86

🥈 Eleanor Hogan and Tilly - 85

🥉 Alex Nanton and Luna - 84

🏅 Danielle Almond and Arti – 83

5th Julie Bailey and Flynt - 82

6th Kim Harrison and Raven – 80

Bronze Diamond League

🥇Marie Hembrow and Bridget - 79

🥈Jan Martin and Amber - 72


🥇 Eleanor and Tilly – 89

🥈 Jamie Read and Bear – 85

🥉 Kim Harrison and Remy – 81

🏅 Lyn and Gayl – 77

5th Tina and George – 75

6th Gina and Mabel – 72

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