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Breckenhill Bronze Trial 03/02/24

Judges: Nicky Rodgers & Antoinette Traynor

The search area was inside a barn building used for after wedding parties and archery practice.

The area was L shaped with a wooden bar area in one corner, This was blocked off and not included within the search. The rest of that part of the L contained sofa seating, an interesting selection of stacked garden tables and chairs, a large gas BBQ and a table football game. The rest of the L contained a line wooden floor quivers for archery. The wedding dance floor and archery targets had been blocked off as the area was considered too large for Bronze teams.

The start area was just inside the door with the door being closed behind the competitor. Along the perimeter to the left side of search area there was the outer side of the bar. A mop & bucket, brooms, hoover etc, an empty beer barrel were stacked to one side of a closed double door exiting into another barn. The first hide was placed in the dog seam at an accessible height for the smallest dog. Most dogs located the odour around the clutter of items and worked it in to source from there

The second hide was placed at the base of one of the floor quivers. This hide proved somewhat tricker as some teams spent some time in the cluttered garden bench area only giving the quiver area a quick blast through missing the hide completely.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon watching each team. There was some fabulous searching. We really couldn’t separate 2nd to 4th place on points alone and they ended up divided only by fractions of seconds..

Placings are as follows:

1st. Jillian Marshall & Humphrey 93 points

2nd Debbie Goligher & Holly. 91 points

3rd Janine Brownlees & Duster. 91 points

4th Lesley Clements & Gavita. 91 points

5th Dawn Wilson & Reggie. 89 points

6th Susan Anderson & Kuro. 85 points

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