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Bronze and Silver @ Total Equestrian

Bronze 1

1st Alison and Herbie 99

2nd Rosie and Slinkydog 98

3rd Sheila and Taylor 97

4th Marney and Mustard 94

5th Marie and Margo 92

6th Sharon and Axl 90

Bronze 2

1st Rosie and Slinkydog 100 💯

2nd Sheila and Taylor 98

3rd Emily and Crosby (D) 97

4th David and Chilli 94.5

5th Alison and Herbie 94

6th Marie and Margo 91.5


1st Eleanor and Tilly 97

2nd Janet and Dylan 93

3rd Marney and Kipper 78.5

4th Sheila and Nico 78

5th Marie and Margo 77

6th Lynda and Poppy 76

Report in comments

Bronze 1: Judges report. The area was an incomplete shop extension, with lots of builders bits and pieces. Wood, buckets, tools, workbenches etc. the entrance was through a glass door at one end. The first hide was close to the entrance, and most people did find this first as they worked clockwise around the room. The hide was on a piece of wood in a bucket of offcuts. Dogs could indicate above, in or along the top edge of the bucket. Most medium or large dogs delved into the bucket to get as close to source as possible with smaller dogs indicating on the top edge of the bucket. The second hide was further into the room on a shiny Hoover. This proved slightly more of a challenge for any dog who was wary of hoovers or their own reflection but every dog worked through the nerves to produce some great indications. All the teams in this class scored brilliantly with the top 6 all over 90 points. Some brilliant scores from first timers and personal bests for many. Well done everyone! Bronze 2 The area was a storage warehouse for horse feed, quite a large area but predominantly a perimeter search. One hide was positioned on the left side near the start on the edge of a pile of pallets, the second hide was in the far right corner on the side of a portacabin approx 8 inches off the floor. There was a ‘start box’ inside the door so handlers had free rein to go either direction once they left the box, it made no difference to finding whichever way they went. The standard was excellent, the top 6 dogs all in the 90’s with some super teams working together with real fluidity around the search. A rare 100 was awarded to the winner for a beautiful search, but there were quite a lot bunched up behind them. Dogs picked up the cabin hide with relative ease with handlers covering the area, the pallet hide dogs picked up either behind by the wall or at the next pallet but then worked it in, tue winning dog, also the smallest, picked this up from the middle of the barn and worked it to source superbly. A real pleasure to watch all the teams today. Silver The judges moved this to outside as it was such a lovely day! The area consisted of a small but quite busy compound and then a perimeter search out of the compound around a skip and long line of wood storage and horse bedding on pallets. One hide was under the door/gate to the compound (the closed one, the other was open for access) and the other was in the bedding pallet about 12inches from the floor on a corner. Handlers had to start in the entrance to the compound, but could then go either way- to the right they either found straight away or dogs weren’t quite switched onto the search and went past, to the left they searched the whole compound and as long as keeping their coverage all hit it on the way back to the start. The second hide proved more challenge as not all the dogs really wanted to search a long, basically quite blank, walk type area, and when they did mostly searches very low on the pallets so missed the hide, 4 out of 9 found this and it was a mix of gun oil and clove and different size dogs, it really was a case of dogs that searched with the same intensity as in the compound found and those that ran a bit because it was either outside or a fairly blank (as I’m not lots of objects ) area could them not find. Some lovely searches and team work on display

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