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Church Trial- Bronze, Silver and Gold

Judges report from St Paul’s trial June 02nd

Bronze level had the stone entrance to the church and the back area with three short rows of pews. The first hide was in the small entrance area and dogs who shot ahead into the main church missed this hide first time round. The second hide was in the back left corner under a cabinet next to a door to the outside so odour was pulling towards the seating. All dogs worked this odour in well.

Silver level were given a whole row of short pews as well as the altar area. Dogs who searched down the pews systematically hit the odour on the hassock. The second hide was on the altar rail on the left. A fair few dogs picked this up early and then worked right in to the altar area, coming round to then commit to the odour. Dogs could and did get to the odour from either side of the rail and from one side it was a slightly narrow entry presenting a fair challenge.

Gold level was an impressive group and really made us pull out all our judging power! Three hides, this level were given all the pews as well as the altar area. The first hide was a floor hide which all the dogs worked beautifully, some initially thinking it could be on the pews but working to source. The second hide was under a bench by the altar, made challenging because it was behind another bench meaning dogs could not get to source to indicate. Some dogs and handlers struggled with the indication on this hide but all dogs recognised odour and committed well. The third hide was under a banner on the wall. It was a higher hide but smaller dogs could stand in the pews to get higher. Some dogs found working this odour in difficult because they needed to go down a specific pew row to get to source but again all dogs recognised their odour here.

A high standard of dogs across all levels with some wonderful indications today. Handlers were really nailing their area coverage too.

Bronze 1st Bev and Mortimer 97 2nd Shelia and Taylor 92 3rd Emily and Pip 91 4th Lynda and Poppy 82 5th Lyn and Kai 79 6th = Liz and paddy and Wendy and Millie

Bronze Diamond 1st Jan and Amber

Silver 1st Emily and Monty 91.5 2nd Shelia and Nico 91 3rd Eleanor and Tilly 89 4th Lynda and Poppy 82 5th Lyn and Gayl 81.5 6th Bev and Delilah 76.5

Gold 1st Eleanor and Tilly 88 2nd Emily and Monty 84.5 3rd Lyn and Gayl 82.5 4th Richard and Ziggy 79.5 5th Shelia and Nico 79 6th Kat and Jess 7

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