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Club Trial at Total Equestrain

Lovely club level trial Kate Bowsher Dog Training tonight. Lots of new faces doing their first ever competition and some lovely searching and teamwork

Diamond league 1st Alison and Herbie 81 2nd Jan and Mattie 76

Champ league 1st Kirsten and Isla 80 2nd David and Chilli 79 3rd Kirsty and Pickle 4th Emily and Crosby 5th Louise and Hebe 6th Sam and Ruffles

Judges report 05/08

The search area was an upstairs indoor training area, sofas at one end and various tables and chairs scattered around with a few other objects in a rectangular room. The start was at the doorway in but handlers were allowed to go in and have the door shut behind them before starting the search. The hide was under a table leg along the far wall which gave the dog time to settle into a search. Handlers worked the room both ways with a mixture of on line and free searching. We had alot of first time competitors and the standard was high, all of the dogs searched well, a few showed their inexperience and didn’t commit to an indication but most worked the hide in well from either direction. A very pleasing trial to judge with lots of teams working so well together

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