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Club Trial, Serpells, Devon

Thanks to Natasha at NHU Ecology for hosting our first trial in Devon

Level club

1st Debra and Buddy 94

2nd Denise and Oddbod 94

3rd Sarah and Pipkin 93

4th Elissa and Dexter 90

5th Lynn and Pod 83

Hannah and Bran Elimination

Judge report

This was a reasonable sized area for club with kne hide to find on the far left in-between two pallets but accessible to the dogs. It was a warm day but search area was in the shade with a small breeze. Approaches from all teams were fairly similar with a perimeter search. All dogs that placed successfully alerted to the hide with a clear readable indication. All working at a very high standard lots of top scores and not much in it between the teams. All placed teams achieved their club certificate.

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