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Double Bronze @ Total Equestrian 30/12/22

Bronze 1 – Friday 30th AM

1st Lynda Stokes and Poppy 98

2nd Louise Grant and Nell 97

3rd Hilary Denyer and Drusie 88

4th Linda Bowden and Elsa 86

5th Barry Cook and Ziva 76

6th Chris Paice and Jas 73

Bronze 2 – Friday 30th PM

1st Sam Rubandhas and Ruffles 98

2nd Lynda Stokes and Poppy 93

3rd Veronika Spinkova and Indiana 92

4th Hilary Denyer and Drusie 91

5th Louise Grant and Bo 86

6th Vanessa Bonner and Lola 85


The area for both Bronze trials today were the same. An old listed, wooden barn, with a concrete floor. Environmentally the main challenges were animal scent (rats, owls, mice, spiders), dust, cobwebs and horse feed (in sealed bags on pallets) and all noises associated with windy weather in an old barn. Most of the dogs coped with the area environmentally and those who were affected recovered quickly to work well.

Bronze 1:

Hides were placed in a hole at floor level on the end of a brick wall (between the bricks) and underneath the corner of a pallet which could be accessed and indicated on from 2 sides. Both hides were in the same end of the barn so teams who worked anticlockwise found both hides very quickly and teams who worked clockwise took longer. Time management was good across the board, with everyone managing to cover the area at least once in the 5 minutes. The pallet hide was the easier of the two with a much bigger scent picture, with all dogs finding here. Some teams skipped over it from both directions but the odour was picked up after passing the source and worked back easily, from either direction. The wall hide was harder as the scent pool was much smaller to pick up. Many teams took more than one search of the immediate areas to locate and work this hide. Some did not locate this one at all, and a couple of dogs worked it in from the start line, so a real mix of success here. Overall a really good standard.

Bronze 2:

Hides were underneath bags of logs, on a pallet (between the bag and pallet) and between some layers of pallet wrap around broken haylage bales around 30cm off the floor. This was a big class of mixed experiences, including some complete beginners. It was lovely to see brilliant Teamwork across the board and some fantastic relationships between the handlers and dogs. Some worked slowly and methodically around the area on-line and cleared the area in one sweep taking 4-5 minutes to complete, others took a multiple sweep in different directions approach covering the area at least 3 times. Both methods were as successful as each other with every team locating at least one of the hides. The hide between the plastic wrap proved slightly deceiving for some, indicating at the lowest point of odour and not working it up to source until tasked again, or approached from a different angle.

Well done to everyone who entered today, especially if it was your first time! Really looking forward to seeing some exciting teams again in 2023.

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