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Gold Trial @ Total Equestrian

🥇Marie and Roger 72

🥈Eleanor and Tilly 71

🥉Lyn and Gayl 61.5

Diamond league

🥇Jan and Mattie

The gold area from Wednesday was the entire shop, which included rows of horse and dog treats, clothing and equipment. Lots of distracting items and smells. It’s a complicated area and very easy to lose your dog!

Two hides they could get to source but they were set to encourage full clearance of that area. One was on the top front leg of the horse by the main entrance and the second in a chicken feeder on the bottom shelf in direct line approx. 5m away. A couple picked up the hide on the horse well, but were then pulled to the chicken feeder and didn't work the horse back in. The significant challenge hide was in the shelving, not high (bottom shelf) but in the middle so dogs could have picked up odour in either isle and worked it in but needed to problem solve as they couldn’t get to source. The winning dog worked this in beautifully and had a really solid indication at the strongest point he could get too. The chicken feeder hide was easy for most but it either pulled them away from the horse and they didn’t search back or they missed it. On the whole though we saw some fantastic searching, all the dogs searching for the full 8 minutes and handlers covering the area well.

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