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Halloween Trial

The search area was part of the ground floor of The Dog Nose and kitchen area which was decorated with a Halloween theme. This included cobwebbing with spiders, hanging ghosties, lots of pumpkins, crows, a gravestone and a wrapped ‘body’ on a raised platform. The main lights were off and the area was only lit with small tea light style led candles making a challenge for handlers to really focus on the environment and their dogs body language. The hide itself was between the back of a pallet and the wall. They could pick up the odour in several places around the pallet but the placement meant it was easy for them to bounce over the hide area looking towards the surrounding items and I was very impressed at the standard of planning and focus that all the handlers showed asking their dogs to check areas more thoroughly. Everyone used their time well and the dogs demonstrated really lovely search skills.

As it was Halloween of course we had to give treats, handlers all got a chocolate and the dogs all got munchie sticks 🎃

Veronika Spinkova and Indy 79

Rosie Scott and Etta 78

Megan Field and Patch 74

Rosemary Greenway and Dotty 73

Mandy Burford and Peach 56

Karen Hallam and Trouble 55

Diamond League

Jan Martin and Amber

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