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KB Dog Training 17th Feb

Bronze Am

1st Emily Meadows and Crosby (D) 95

2nd Marney Wells and Chutney 92

3rd Bev Hoddinott and Mortimer 91

4th Eve Silveston Maxey and Ruby 90

5th Mandy Nason and Nobby 83

6th Vanessa Bonner and Daphne 79

Bronze Pm

1st Vanessa Bonner and Daphne 93

2nd Annette Tarry and Jennie 82

3rd Eve Silveston Maxey and Ruby 81

4th Bev Hoddinott and Mortimer 79.5

5th Marney Wells and Mustard 79

6th Emily Meadows and Crosby 72 (D)

Silver Am

1st Lynda Stokes and Poppy 97

2nd Chris Paice and Jas 79

3rd Sam Rubandhas and Ruffles 78

4th Bev Hoddinott and Delilah 76

5th Emily Meadows and Crosby 75 (D)

6th Vanessa Bonner and Daphne 72.5

Silver Pm

1st Marney Wells and Kipper 96

2nd Emily Meadows and Crosby (D) 94

3rd Vanessa Bonner and Daphne 92

4th Bev Hoddinott and Delilah 83

5th Sam Rubandhas and Ruffles 74

6th Liz Price and Paddy 62

Judges report 

Bronze pm 

The search area was an indoor horse feed storage barn with 2 vans inside. The search was started from 1/5 way in taking out the front of the barn and the front of the vehicles.

One hide was on the back bumper of one van the second was and the bottom of a pallet of feed on the left near the wall. Dogs found a mixture of each hide but only two found both, ( one on gun oil one on clove) we saw alot of very good searches with just moments where dogs skipped past one hide, either through not covering all areas or just not committing. 

Silver am 

The search area was the indoor warehouse used to store horse feed including two vans.

One hide was on the bottom of the roller shutter door near the start and the other was tucked in the far corner on a gas bottle , there was a fair amount of clutter in this corner so dogs had to work right into the corner.

A really good standard of searching and teamwork, only the winner found both hides, again as with bronze there were some really good searches but handlers just didn’t quite search all the areas or dogs - particularly those that started to the right and came up to the first hide quickly, blanked the hide. The hides are set to encourage good area coverage at silver and that just caught a few today as they were accessible if everywhere was searched.

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