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KB Dog Training Mon 3rd June


1st Jackie Todd and Milo 99

2nd Eve Silveston-Maxey and Ruby 98

3rd Simon Peacock and Tiggi 88

4th Jan Martin and Jasmine 84

5th Nicola Davis and Pastel 83

6th Dani Reddan and Rodney 79


1st Rosie Reid and Tide 91

2nd Eve Silveston-Maxey and Ruby 82

3rd Jan Martin and Onyx 78

4th Annette Tarry and Jennie 77

5th Melanie Mix and Pepper 76

6th Nicola Davis and Pastel 75

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KB Dog Training 23rd June

KB Dog Training 23rd June Club 1st Karen Griggs and Edith 100 2nd Eve Silveston-Maxey and Ruby 99 3rd Dani Reddan and Rodney 91 4th Lauren McKinnon and Lintie 87 5th Jan Martin and Jasmine 86 6th Gera

Positively Canine Bronze Trial 17th May

Jo & Sam had the pleasure of judging some wonderful teams who entered the Bronze Trail on Friday. The trial was held at Positively Canines Training School.  The search area was inside the training bar


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