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Patch Dog Training

Scent Ops Club Trial

5 Feb 23

Judge: Lesley Clements

The Club Trial followed a half day workshop which introduced nine new teams to Scent Ops here in N Ireland. The venue was a dog training facility with the area being used a room to the rear of the building with an external door, an internal door and two windows all of which were closed owing to the still, frosty weather outside (although there is always some sort of draught that comes through the external door even on a quiet weather day). At the time of the trial the room was being used to store some equestrian equipment, boxes, stacked chairs, golf clubs, hoover and various other sundry items.

The hide was hidden in a corner of the room at skirting board level to the left of the external door. The dogs picked up the odour at the right hand side where a saddle and bridle had been placed. Those that were more adept at working to source searched the tack first and worked it in from there. Some skirted past it until specifically tasked. Everyone found it within the time.

1st Irene Scott and Luna 87 points

2nd Dawne Wilson and Reggie 84 points

3rd Debbie Goligher and Holly 83 points

4th Ronnie McAleese and Flora 77 points

5th Rachel Martin Gray and Maggie 76 points

6th Sue Christie and Kaija 72 points

Also completing were:

Linda Storey and Inca 71 points

Helen Bainbridge and Lola 70 points

Diamond League

1st Louise Boomer and Charlie 80 points

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