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Perrygrove Railway 20/01/2023

Judges Kirsty and Lucy


Weather was a clear blue sky and light breeze warming after a frozen night. Handlers had to be mindful of patches of slippery ice underfoot.


Bronze was an area search in a circular go cart track ringed on one side with a stone bank and fencing on the other. A shed housing the go carts was on one side which the dogs only needed to search the outside and there was a central island of large tires and half barrel plant pots.

The first hide was in the stone wall which proved to be a tricky one although the dogs who picked it up worked in nicely, working the wall from left to right. The second hide was on the underside of a guard rail and the dogs all showed lovely skills working this one in.

1st Marie & Margo 96

2nd Bev & Mortimer 72

3rd Helen & Thistle 59


Barbara & Prue 69

Jan & Amber 68


Silver was an area search comprising of the track leading out of the front of an engine shed and platform area including planters, benches, and fencing. The first hide was low on the fence halfway down the platform, all dogs located and worked this hide very nicely demonstrating good problem solving skills. The second hide surprisingly proved to be the trickiest of the day. A ground hide tucked between the inside of one rail and the crossing sleeper. The raised rails and large stones hadn’t had much time to warm in the sun and this seemed to keep the odour quite contained. Most dogs hit odour in the area, particularly over the large crate behind the hide location but without the fine detail searching down the rails the location was elusive.

Marnie & Kipper 81

Marie & Margo 78

Bev & Delilah 69


Jan & Mattie 70

Barbara & Prue 60


Gold Level was a route search through a tree house complex. A sloped gridded ramp underfoot with slatted plank walls on either side takes you up into the tree level. Several paths and treehouses lead off from each side. We chose a linear area, including the interior of 1 treehouse. The handlers could go up and go back once to minimise crashing into the judges or they could work in sections clearing each as they went. This proved to be the most effective method with some exceptionally nice handling.

The first hide was a weak soak under the gate post at the point of entry, this fooled no one and it was great to see the attention to detail all handlers showed. Even if dogs rushed past all handers ensured this area was checked.

The second hide was in the floor in one of the many drifts of leaves. Using a systematic pattern paid off for this hide.

The third was another weak soak on a corner post, this was depositing odour right across the previous section of path and it was fabulous to see some very nice problem solving from both ends of the lead, understanding that the odour was further up so not getting stuck in empty areas.

There was also a lovely demonstration of support and teamwork from handlers all putting their dogs comfort at the forefront of their decisions today.

Marie & Roger 91

Bev & Delilah 76


Jan & Mattie 76

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