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Positively Canine 15-10-23


1st Catherine & Zen 91

2nd Jane & Candy 88

3rd Sam & Blu 86

4th Sarah & Williow 84

5th Jill & Charlie 60

6th Annette & Ava 49


1st Catherine & Zen 90

2nd Sam & Blu 79

3rd Amanda & Molly 58

4th Charlotte & Monty

5th Jane & Candy 54

6th Annette & Khan 54

Judges Jo & Laura had the pleasure of watching some amazing teams who entered the Bronze & Silver trial on Sunday at Positively Canine.

Both trials were held inside the training barn, which forms part of a working farm, providing a variety of environmental distractions such as mouse and bird droppings – a tricky challenge for some of the teams!

The morning conditions were a chilly 4 degrees, and the air was almost perfectly still inside the search area - but with the sun shining away outside, the teams at least got to enjoy the glorious Yorkshire weather…

First up was Bronze, using three quarters of the barn. With chair stacks, sofas, shelving, and assorted “stuff” littering the perimeter, there was plenty for our teams to get their noses into. The first hide was placed near the start, inside a hollowed out log underneath a wooden trough that was easily accessible to the dog. Whilst most teams started working in the right direction, quite a few missed this hide on the first pass. Most were able to locate it when approached from the other direction, but those teams who were switched on straight out of the gate hit this one in 10-15 seconds.

The second hide was in a gap between two sofas, on a wooden gate tucked behind. Whilst accessible to the dog, the placement created a handling challenge for some teams. Most dogs either picked up the odour but struggled to work it in, or skipped past it without pushing into the available space. Some great handlers noted the dogs change of behaviour and tasked them into the gap between the sofas.

Bronze was very much a lesson in area coverage and observation, and the importance of handlers knowing exactly where their dog had searched.

For the Silver trial, the whole barn was used, with objects and barriers scattered across the space to assist teams with area coverage.

The first hide was placed near the start again but in a crack between the rubber matting on the floor. The location was chosen to ease teams into the use of the floor, and placed close to a shelving unit on the perimeter that was an obvious item to search. With only two dogs successfully locating this hide, and several handlers tasking their dogs to items when interest in the floor was shown, there is a clear learning gap here.

The second hide was placed at the far end of the room, in a corner under a flap at the top of a childs play tent. Some dogs found this difficult to work, and either missed it or showed interest and even indicated on what was suspected to be pooled scent on the ramp below the hide. An indication directly below the hide was accepted, however the majority of those who took the time to work their dogs into the tent space were able to make total contact with the hide.

It's always nice to judge unfamiliar teams, and to see the range of talent in both handlers and dogs. The judges would like to thank everyone who took the time to travel to compete, and for the welcoming environment extended to everyone – old hands and newcomers alike.

We look forward to having more Scent Ops trials up here in the Grim North!

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