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Positively Canine 18/12/22

Club & Bronze hosted by Positively Canine with judges Elliot Connor and Joanna Brook.

Club was indoors in a barn which is used for dog training so lots of distractions and items to search. It was very cold inside which definitely affected the odour. The hide was placed under some lengths of timber against a wall between a sofa and child's tent.

It was interesting to watch that most dogs actually missed searching this area until they were either tasked to it or searched the room in a different direction. All the dogs did really well in very difficult conditions.

1st Laura Roberts & Starling 88

2nd Jill Blackburn & Charlie Freckles 87 (19 seconds)

3rd Wendy Foskett & Freya 87 (20 seconds)

4th Justine Hall & Inky 85

5th Leah Reel & Jeff 82

6th Sam Draper & Blu 81

Bronze was outside and was set in an open yard and open barn. It was now very very cold with snow flurries and rain. One hide was placed under a door in the yard behind a pile of gravel and the other was in the open barn in some metal corrugated sheeting.

The dogs worked so well despite the conditions and most found the barn hide first. The door hide was more difficult but nearly all dogs found it.

One of the searches outside was one the best searches I've ever seen. It was near perfection and came from a handler and dog that have only been training in detection for about 6 months. A great day but a little too cold for the judges 🙄

1st Sam Draper & Blu 97

2nd Wendy Keefer & Moby 92

3rd Laura Roberts & Starling 90

4th Lauren Smith & Hunter 81

5th Gemma Doherty & Badger 76

6th Tina Walker & Ohfa 72

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