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Scent and Science Festival 01/07/23

Bronze A

The search area consisted of two bedrooms in an old castle. One, a larger bunk room and the other a smaller double room joined by a small bit of corridor.

Th first hide was located around shin height on the back right bed of the room, the second on an item in the middle of the double room.

Some dogs found the excitement of jumping on beds too much of a temptation! Successful dogs had a steady, methodical search with good area coverage and plans from handlers.

As always, we mark on multiple areas and it’s not a time trial. I thoroughly enjoyed providing feedback for this trial.

All teams were a pleasure to watch with some really great teamwork - it was nice to see all dogs enjoying their search time.

1st Sam Draper and Blu 89

2nd Wendy Keefer and Wren 86.5

3rd Ann Travis and Tilly 83

4th Joanna Brook and Gilbert 85.2

5th Sam Rubandhas and Ruffles 80.5

6th Robert Miemczyk and Zest 75

Bronze B

This area was a mirror image or search area A except it was upstairs with a slightly different furniture layout.

The first hide was located in the first bedroom back right side on a bed leg about 10inches from the floor, the second with in the end room on the bottom of a slightly open drawer on a chest near the window, the bottom drawer.

Most handlers tasked their dogs in end room first and then the right room. The majority of dogs worked the areas well and found, a few coverage marks were lost as dogs ran from the start line into the first room without searching the linking corridor and those that did search here had good search plans. A high standard, especially well done as some were completely new to ScentOps.

1st Jane Potter and Candy 96

2nd Annie Allisop and Charlie 95

3rd Carol Birks and Breeze 94

4th Sharon Addison and Copper 92.5

5th Rachel Doex and Benji 92

6th Sue WIlls and Bella 91

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