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Scent Ops 16th April 2023 @ The Dog Nose


1st Barry & Tweed 97

2nd Jan & Onyx 75

3rd Katherine & Bean 74

4th Rosie & Rocky 72

5th Jade & Quiz 71

6th Alexis & Bodhi 70

Downstairs of The Dog Nose with all the usual distractions and collection of interesting items. The hide was underneath a rubber mat on a platform and dogs neede to either work into the corner on pick up odour from above and work along the mat.


1st Marney & Kipper 93

2nd Rosie & Slinkydog 91

3rd Rosie & Etta 88

4th Jan & Onyx 84

5th Dave & Dexter 80

6th Lisa & Jimmy 69

A warehouse space used for storage, it has a large door at either end and contains a collection of pallets, boxes and crates. Its tall ceiling makes an echoing and chilly search area. The first hide was placed in between a large plastic wrapped set of boxes and the wooden pallet they were stored on. Central and near to the start area several dogs missed this at the beginning but worked back up the room and found as their second hide. The second hide was under another empty pallet in the bottom left hand of the room. The odour could be picked up in multiple places around the pallet and the door before working to source.

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