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1st Beth Lorch  and  Rupert 91.5

2nd Sarah Winfield and  Stanley 91    

3rd Chantelle  and Ollie 90

4th Stuart Clarke and  Stanlee 89

5th Sarah Dodsworth  and  Norman 87.5

6th Sarah Robertson  and  Brae 86


1st Carolyn van Vlijmen and Ruby 94.5

2nd Beth Lorch and Rupert 93

3rd Stuart Clarke   and Stanlee 92

4th Paula Stanley  and Lottie 91

5th Chantelle   and Ollie 88.5

6th Annie Croxon  and Blix 88

Sherlock Hounds Super Sniffers hosted a Scent Ops Club and Bronze trial at Downley Guide and Scout Centre, Bucks, on the 12th May 2024. There were 9 teams entered in each trial.

The Club trial was held in the smaller of the two halls, which was nice and cool on such a hot day. Entering the hall, all down the left side were fitted kitchen units consisting of draws, cupboards, and a cooker with a small empty corner at the end creating a gap before tall, fitted cupboard doors from floor to ceiling stretch across the far wall. There was then another smaller gap and a small cabinet with draws on wheels before a workstation again with draws, going down to an emergency exit door with two fire extinguishers at the side of the door. There was then a bare wall apart from a large notice board on the wall and a trap door in the floor. The last wall to the entry door had a partition on wheels against the wall under the window. The hide was under the brake pedal over the front wheel on the small draw cabinet. All competitors found the hide, most dogs were worked off lead. The teams that started their search on the bare wall took longer as some of the dogs were a little lost with nothing to stick them to the wall so took longer to get searching properly. All handlers gave their dogs space to work and alerted correctly.

The Bronze trial was in the larger hall which had a small kitchen at one end. There were benches along two sides of the hall with seats that lift up, creating a gap between the frame and bench lid. There were windows above the benches. There were two emergency exit doors on the far wall and in the top corner at the side of one of them was a large Henry the hoover. The rest of that wall was blank apart from a slightly set back bit of wall which used to have a heater on it. Then there was a small bench with lid under a serving hatch into the kitchen and then the kitchen door. On the other side of the door was a table with draws under it. In the kitchen were usual kitchen cupboards and draws a cooker and a fridge. In the middle of the hall was a step ladder and chair trolley. One hide was in the kitchen in between the bottom and middle draw of the unit under the sink and to the right of the cooker. In the main hall the hide was under the flap that connects the top of the hoover to the bottom part. All teams found both hides, the hoover did concern a couple of the dogs but they still managed to indicate at source. Marks were gained for searching the length of the benches without breaking off.

All teams worked really well with some lovely handling and were great to watch.

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