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ScentOps up North held a double Bronze & Silver trial at the stunning Chillingham Castle.

Bronze (1)  Judges Jo & Debs

This was located in the Still Room of the castle.  It wasnt a large room but it was full of old artifacts including horse tack,  crocodile heads and tigers!   One hide was located on the perimeter tucked under the lip of a metal trunk near a drafty doorway to the dungeon.   The second was placed on the rim of a large brass bowl on the floor that the dogs had to work in.  Some dogs put their head in the bowl and their dog tags  clanged which startled them but their determination didnt stop them from carrying on to find it.  Some amazing work and lovely to watch. All dogs found both hides.

1st Helen Taylor & Clay 93

2nd Rebecca Grant & Myrtle 93

3rd Jane Potter & Candy 93

4th Catherine William & Zen 92

5th Vicky Woollard & Dexter 89

6th Jill Blackburn  & Charlie 88

Bronze (2) Judges Jo & Debs

The second Bronze of the day was held in the courtyard.  It ran down one side of the wall towards the torture chamber and included the sides of some old horse carriages and a cannon.  The 1st hide was located in a gap of a loose stone,  right next to where everyone but 1 person started.  The majority of dogs did pick this up at the start which was lovely.  The second hide was placed in the underneath of part of one of the old carriages.  Despite some dogs showing signs of fatigue all dogs found both hides.

Bronze 2

1st Elliot Connor & Nela 96

2nd Isabella Hawthorne & Ava 95

3rd Rebecca Grant & Pixie 93

4th Jans Potter & Candy 92

5th Jill Blackburn & Charlie 92

6th Lesley Clements & Tejo 91


Elliot Connor & Nela 88

Jane Potter & Candy 73

Catherine Williams & Zen 61

Helen Taylor & Clay 60

Vicky Woollard & Dexter 57

Isabella Hawthorne & Ava 54

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