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Scentsational Scent work 07/07/23

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Due to extreme weather conditions (heat) it was decided to choose a well covered and shaded area for the dogs to work in as this was an all outside venue.

The first hide was located between two tyres in a stack of four high with tyres and old Gerry cans either side.

The second hide was located on the last A frame in the search area.

A few dogs found the area very exciting with lots of wildlife smells but we’re soon eager to work, methodically with good area coverage with their handlers. Most handlers got caught out thinking that the one of the hides was on the ropes hanging from the A frames and spent some of their valuable time to keep getting the dogs to check them.

As always marks were given on the multiple areas as these trials are not about time, allowing us to been able to give feedback to the handlers which is great as this one was a more testing trial.

All teams were a pleasure to observe and some great teamwork was observed throughout with the testing conditions.

A huge well done to everyone that competed.

1st Wendy Payne and Millle

2nd Sue Russell and Basil

3rd Eleanor Hogan and Tilly

4th Marie Hembrow and Reiss

5th Gina Challen and Mabel

6th Janet Ridden and Dylan

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