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Scentsational Scentwork

Judges report - Club Club search areas should be indoors and simple to give the team confidence and allow them to demonstrate their ability. This was a short section of corridor with a classroom at the end. The hide was on the near corner of the desk in the middle of the classroom. The top windows on the far side of the room were open, drawing the odour out which meant most dogs had to go past the desk to work it back in. Many dogs were wonderfully eager to get started that they skipped the corridor to start with, but pretty much all the handlers recognised this and tasked them back through the corridor at some point during their search. The classroom threw some competitors off as once a team had been round the outer perimeter once they went back round without focusing on the middle desk or teacher's desk. Handlers who used their time well and remembered their area coverage did well to ensure they searched everything in the room. Some handlers spent too long focusing on certain areas of the classroom while actually blocking the middle desk. However, once most dogs were in odour the handlers recognised this and realised they were in the way! Some dogs clocked the hide but did not commit to an indication straight away, but overall the handlers read their dogs really well and everyone could tell when their dog was in odour. There were some great indications and handler timing was good, most competitors ensured they marked their dogs at source once judge had confirmed. No false indications today. Competitors with faster dogs who raced off round the corner actually did a great job of controlling the search and covering the area thoroughly. There was a floor to ceiling window which distracted a couple of dogs but they worked on nicely. Also the large photocopier kept making noises but that didn't seem to throw anyone. Fantastic effort from all teams. This was a lovely class to judge. 14/16 dogs found.

The bronze area was the front of the entrance to the classroom block followed by 2 short bits of corridor and a classroom. The hides were located behind a (turned off) radiator in the first section of the corridor and in a drawer at the back of the classroom. Most teams worked the outside well but skipped the corridor area heading into the classroom. Of the teams to do that, all then went on to work the dogs back through the corridor to radiator hide well. The teams showed great teamwork on the whole to thoroughly search the area set. Some of the dogs got distracted by chewing gum that had been stuck to tables (not by us ) which caused a few false indications. Overall a really high standard and I really enjoyed watching all the teams work. Well done everyone.


CLUB 1st - Lindsey Cole and Cypher - 88, 2nd - Michelle Ward and Freddie - 82, 3rd - Tina Kavallierou and George - 81, 4th - Katie Froggatt and Hugo - 81, 5th - Nick Mariosa and Luna - 80, 6th - Kim Harrison and Raven - 79

BRONZE 1st - Lindsey Cole and Cypher - 81, 2nd - Tina Kavallierou and George - 81, 3rd - Stella Hunt and Dempsey - 73, 4th - Gina Challen and Mabel - 72 , 5th - Michelle Ward and Minx - 71, 6th - Kim Harrison and Remy - 71

BRONZE DIAMOND LEAGUE 1st - Marie Hembrow and Bridge

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