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Scentsational Scentwork

We had fun in the sun today at our scentops! Well done to everyone, lovely searching today. Huge thanks to Emily and Helen for judging the silvers today for me.

Bronze 1

1st 🥇-  Sandra and Marnie - 92

2nd 🥈- Rosie and Slinky - 90

3rd 🥉 - Kim and Raven - 89

4th - Nicola and Radish -  83

5th - Sue and Betty - 76

6th - Lindsey and Morse - 73

Bronze 2

1st 🥇 - Kim and Raven - 98

2nd 🥈- Lindsey and Morse - 93

3rd 🥉 - Nicola and Pastel - 92

4th - Sandra and Marnie - 89

5th - Shaunna and Luna - 88

6th - Rosie and Slinky - 87

Silver 1

1st 🥇 - Janet and Dylan - 98.5

2nd 🥈 - Nicola and Radish - 94

3rd 🥉- Lindsey and Cypher - 93

4th - Eleanor and Tilly - 90

5th - Kim and Remy - 89

6th - Tina and George - 85.5

Silver 2

1st 🥇- Nicola and Meadow - 97

2nd 🥈 - Eleanor and Tilly - 94.5

3rd 🥉- Kim and Remy - 94

4th - Gina and Mabel - 93

5th - Janet and Dylan - 78.5

6th - Janice and Saffy - 74

Judges report

Helen Byrne

Silver Exterior - Search 1

I had the pleasure of judging two Silver trials with Emily. The first of the two was an exterior search of one and a half buildings with walkways between and all around, and a patio area with picnic tables. It started off quite chilly around 8 degrees and then the sun came out and it really warmed up, although there was a breeze. The first hide was about 2ft into the search area just at the foot of a gardening table and very open. This only caused a problem to those dogs who rushed into the search area and passed it. Although some did have enough time to get back to it after finding the other hide. Those who were tasked at the start found it straight away within seconds. The second hide was on the far wall of the second building in a cluttered area with an outside sink, chair, parasols, plant pots and was concealed under two mushroom crates, a mushroom crate in front and two to the side. There was some lovely problem solving involved with this hide. Well done to all teams who found this hide. Both hides were found, but not both hides were found by all teams.

Congratulations to all the rosette winners and especially our very worthy winners only dropping 1.5 points. This team was methodical, calm and it was obvious the handler had a plan and stuck with it. Congratulations to Janet and Dylan.

Hope you all enjoyed the search as much as we did watching you. I know I say it all the time but you all really are a joy to watch!

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