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Silver Trial at Total Equestrian

Silver trial at Total equestrian

1st Liz and Paddy 89

2nd Sharon and Axl 82

3rd Ann and Kenzie 77

4th Sheila and Nico 74

5th Lynda and Poppy 67

6th Nicky and Bubbles 65

Diamond league

1st Jan and Mattie 94

The search area was a large indoor feed horse feed store with lots of racking a pallets and a vehicle and forklift. One hide was early in the search area on the racking a few inches of the floor, easy to get to source but there were two feed trolleys either side so if handlers were not switched on to area clearance it was easily missed. This second hide was on top of the wheel arch in the forklift at the far end of warehouse, the placement meant that dogs could of indicated anywhere around the back wheel or rear of the machine and was a good puzzle for the teams to solve. The environment can be quite distracting as lots of smells and, although very tidy there were some areas where a few pony nuts were laying around which some dogs found too distracting, one the whole a really good standard, some didn’t find or only had one but still searched very well with really good time management for the area and clearance Thanks to our new judges in training Kate and Karen for jumping in at the deep end with Jules, they did a great job

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