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Silver Trial @ Total Equestrian

1st - Chris and Jas 71

2nd - Anne and Dilly 70

3rd - Sheila and Nico

4th - Nicky and Bubbles

5th - Liz and Paddy

6th - Wendy and Millie

Well done all that made it with tonight’s weather conditions!

Judges report 16th November

Tonight’s trial was in the shop of GB Total Equestrian.

This was a potentially quite distracting environment for both handlers and dogs.

The first hide was near the start line on a toy tractor and the second was under the leg of a bench at the far end of the shop.

Most dogs located both hides however struggled to commit to pinpointing them both.

Handlers who showed good commitment to their search pattern had the most successful finds.

The bench hide was somewhat in a corner and due to the narrow spaces handlers found themselves blocking the bench or missed that their dog hadn’t searched in to the corner.

The tractor hide went well for handlers who stepped back and let their dog work it out.

An observation by the judges was that teams who struggled a little environmentally and had difficulty working in the odour may have spent the summer months training outside, and would benefit from more indoor training and competition over the winter months.

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