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St Pauls Church 18/08

to all those who came to the trial yesterday


Bronze 1

1st Rosie Reid and Slinkydog 💯

2nd Marney Wells and Mustard 💯

3rd Jan Martin and Onyx 99

4th Lisa Hunt and Jimmy 96

5th Irene Hewlett and Harvey 84

6th Nicola Davis and Pastel 83

Bronze 2

1st Rosie Reid and Slinkydog 97

2nd Marney Wells and Mustard 96

3d Bev Hoddinott and Mortimer 92

4th Lisa Hunt and Jimmy 81

5th EmilY Meadows and Crosby 81

6th Nicola Davis and Pastel 76


1st Marney Wells and Kipper 99

2nd Sheila Rodger and Nico 96

3rd Anne Francis and Dilly 93

4th Marie Poole and Margo 92

5th Lynda Stokes and Poppy 84

6th Nicola Davis and Meadow 82

Judges reports-

Bronze 1 - St Paul’s

The search area was the alter starting from the edge of the seating and to both sides. One hide was on a small step to the left of the start the second hide was at the back on a cushion which could be accessed from either side of the palisade. There was a mix of searching to the left and the right first, some teams doing the perimeter so missing the step but picking it up once the perimeter was done. The cushion hide was picked up at the back wall and dogs worked it to source beautifully. A very high standard of dogs today with handlers reading their dogs very well.

Bronze 2 - St Paul’s

The search area was the activity area of the church. Hides were placed to encourage different heights of searching. One was placed ender the runner rug and the other was placed on a cushion on one of the chairs.

Most dogs started their search systematically and those that worked down the back of the row of chairs found quickly.

For the rug, a couple of dogs got stuck under the cupboard but all dogs worked in well once they hit the odour.

A very strong class with high standards, I have no doubt that some of these teams are ready to start competing at silver level.

Great team work from all made this a very pleasing class to judge.


Due to last minute flower arranging (this is a live venue!) we moved the silver area to the back of the church. The search started from the doorway and included a small kitchen area and the ground floor level of the bell tower. One hide was behind a socket on a pillar close to the start, the second hide was in a tablecloth approx 12 inches from the floor, the table was surrounded by chairs so dogs had to work out how to get to the hide. Most went left handed around the area, a few dogs skipped passed the pillar as it was early but worked it back. The table was a great hide to watch the dogs and handlers work out, dogs approached from all different directions and indicated from outside the table which meant they had the table leg behind for support, a few went under the table which meant the hide moved around when they pushed the table cloth and made for some great problem solving, a special mention to Dilly who worked it from under the table and did a beautiful sit indication with the table cloth over her head and no view of her handler - and didn’t move until marked!

Again a very high standard of dogs and the teams were a pleasure to watch

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