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The Dog Nose 21-10-23

Club – Judge Emma

1st Elissa Howes & Dexter 82

2nd Marney & Chutney 76

3rd Jan & Onyx 75

4th Sam Hayward & Crazy 8’s 74

5th Carole Harris & Olaf 59

6th Lucy Mills & Buddy 58

Bronze – Judge Kirsty

1st Jan & Onyx 100

1st Rosie & Slinkydog 100

3rd Elissa & Dexter 99

4th Hilary & Drusie 96

5th Nicola & Radish 95

6th Marney & Mustard 88

Silver - Judges Kirsty & Emma

1st Marney & Kipper 98

2nd Peter & Minnie 91

3rd Lynda & Poppy 89

4th Dave & Dexter 86

5th Barry & Tweed 84

6th Lisa & Jimmy 83

The club area was a square room with a kitchen area, to the left, as you walked through the door. There was a sofa and table on the right hand side a chair in the far left corner and a chair and footstool in the far right corner.There was scent equipment up against the lengths of the walls, including long troughs and pipes. In the middle of the floor were 2 x scent pot holders containing numerous numbered, blank scent pots.

The hide was placed in a scent pipe, two thirds of the way down the right hand wall, immediately in front of a footstool. This was tricky for some dogs if they came in from the left as they tended to miss the first few pots and start searching from the middle but picked up odour as they came back from the opposite direction. Some handlers were drawn to searching the scent pots in the middle of the floor and held their dogs in that area.

A lovey group of handlers and dogs, some doing their first trial, and all the teams showed off how much work they had put in.

The bronze area was an indoor and outdoor space. The first area the teams entered was a small yard with some pallets and a parked small delivery van, large fans from the next door building (not running), double wooden doors and some air vents. When they chose they opened a single door which took them into the second space which consisted of 2 rooms filled with various types of toys and training equipment including empty food toys (lick mats etc) stored on racking and shelves.

The first hide was under a standing pallet at the back of the yard area, teams who knew how to efficiently search a vehicle were able to search and discount, some got a bit stuck on the idea that because there was a vehicle, the hide must be there and ended up using more time than necessary. Most dogs picked up odour either from a clockwise perimeter line or were tasked to directly check over the pallets, some lovely working in and area coverage. The second hide was magnet attached behind a metal strut on a set of racking in front of the door area. All dogs picked up odour but the airflow from the door caused pooling on the back wall around a pile of mats. The more experienced dogs and handlers were able to work back to source and there was a very high standard across the board with all dogs able to work around a challenging level of distraction

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