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The Dog Nose 28-5-2023


1st Katherine & Hope 91

2nd Fiona & Yogi (D) 81

3rd Jan & Onyx 61

4th Zita & Asha 60

4th Marney & Chutney 60

Judges Report

Club search area was a large attic style space with a small room at either end. A metal sloping roof meant the temp rose through the duration of the trial, the combination of a small class and early start mean this was still safe for the dogs. 1st small room is used for storage and is stacked high on every side with a variety of boxes and crates. All the dogs cleared this area efficiently and quickly. The larger space is cluttered with random item from piles of luggage to animal transportation crates, a rocking horse, tables and piles of matting. Dogs were more distracted in this space and handlers had to keep track of where they had been to cover all sections. They were also challenged to avoid blocking their dogs or holding them in areas. The final small room has piles of astroturf on the floor creating lots of pockets and folds, a pile of car parts in one corner and a few random items. Several dogs were very interested in the (possibly ratty) smells under the floor along the outer edge of the room. The hide was under a pile of foam floor mats in one corner, all handlers chose a clockwise search pattern which meant this was the last area they came to. This meant some just timed out and found shortly after the 3 minute mark. A lovely group with all dogs and handlers working well together.

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