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The Dog Nose Club Search 22/05

Club 1 1st Becky & Pink 91 2nd Rosie & Etta 83 3rd Fiona & Yogi 82 4th Gillian & Danny 77 5th Jules & Juice 60

Diamond Jan & Amber 86 Barbara & Pru 58

Club 2 1st Katie & Pip 92 2nd Fiona & Theo 87 (time 2.10) 3rd Jules & Juice 87 (time 2.30) 4th Gillian & Danny 71 5th Becky & Pink 52

Diamond 1st Barbara & Pru 86 2nd Jan & Mattie 85

Judges report

Club 1 was in The Dog Nose. The theme was boxes and bags so loads of luggage, gift boxes, trunks and bags of all descriptions The hide wasn’t in any of them! Instead it was under the overhanging edge of a platform. This seemed to create a challenge for the dogs once they had located the general area to narrow down and pinpoint the precise location with more than a couple thinking it must be under the matting above. Some really lovely examples of problem solving. The environment is very distracting and it was a pleasure to see all handlers supporting their dogs. Handlers had the extra challenge to accept that that the odour wasn’t in any of the bags and boxes, but instead trust their dogs to work the area.

Club 2. A large recessed area then a long corridor filled with doors ending in a cross corridor with various pieces of furniture. This area required dogs to be on a line. A through draft, members of the public occasionally passing through and the long narrow shape made this a real challenge for inexperienced dogs. The hide was behind an empty mail bag on a stand. The soft bag could be pushed out of the way to locate the odour. It was up to the handler to balance the speed of the search so the dog effectively covered the area instead of zooming straight down the corridor but also managed the time to ensure they could cover the whole area. Handlers could approach the problem by clearing down the wall and then coming back on the opposite way or by quartering all the way down to the end. Some lovely examples of good line handling and some absolutely cracking indications.

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