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CLUB LEVEL TRIAL 18 Nov 23 Patch Dog Training, Comber

Judge – Lesley Clements

Judges Report

1st Caroline Finlay and Zeba on 96 points

2nd Patrice Kerrigan with Rufus with 90 points

3rd Joanne Manson and Buddy on 83 points

4th Jemma Elliot and Arlo with 75 points

5th Anna Pickering and Finn with 65 points

6th Siobhan Owens and Steve with 54 points

The search area was a rectangular room that gets used for storage within an indoor training facility.

A mixture of tables, pallets, chairs stacked and unstacked, filing cabinets and other random objects.

The start was at the internal doorway but handlers were allowed to go in and have the door shut behind them before starting the search if they wished.

The hide was trapped in the mechanism of an extendable table leg just inside the entrance door.

Handlers worked the room both ways with a mixture of on line and free searching. Handlers that sent their dogs anticlockwise should have been able to see their dogs pass the hide and do a lovely head knock.

We had teams who have a number of years of experience and these teams scored highly as was to be expected.

A few of the newer teams showed their inexperience and didn’t fully commit to searching at times or displayed a weak indication, but most worked the hide in well.

A nice afternoons judging and lovely to see some more N Ireland people getting involved.

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