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Mock Trials Day

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Thanks to all the members of the BDT Scentwork group for taking part in the Club, Bronze and Silver trials.

Club was a simple search in a large hall, various items were in the hall such as tables/chairs, boxes and cleaning equipment. The hide was placed on the exterior back wall and dogs could get to source. All dogs found, some handlers were a little too focused on the items but read their dogs well when they pulled away to the wall.

Bronze was a search made up of the outdoor paving area and entrance area to the hall, giving dogs an introduction to outdoor searching in a low distracting environment. Dogs could get to source for both hides, one hide was outside, placed on some trellis on the wall. The second hide was inside on a chair.

Silver was a search of two hotel rooms connected by a corridor. Two hides, one in the first room where the dogs could get to source, the second hide was in the next room and placed on a window sill. There was an armchair next to this hide and most dogs worked it in and climbed on the chair to indicate on the window sill. That said an indication from the floor up towards the hide was also acceptable. Handlers covered the area well and the winner did a thorough methodical search, allowing the dog to work it in when they recognised the dog was on odour.

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