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Bronze and Silver @ Total Equestrian 31/12/22


1st Marney wells and Mustard 86

2nd Lynda Stokes and Poppy 76

3rd Sam Lomas and Fig 74

4th Janet Ridden and Dylan 74

5th Nicky Shearman and Bubbles 73.5

6th Claire Johnson and Bear 73

Diamond league

1st Jan Martin and Amber 77


1st Veronika Spinkova and Indiana 94

2nd Louise Grant and Nell 81

3rd Eleanor Hogan and Tilly 79

4th Nicky Shearman and Bubbles 77

5th Anne Francis and Dilly 76

6th Bev Hoddinott and Mortimer 63

Diamond league

1st Jennie Dean and Reo 75

2nd Jan Martin and Mattie 57

Judges report Silver

Silver area was part of the main feed store warehouse, this is always a challenging environment to work in with lots of distractions in the form of horse feed/hay/straw and interring air flows. With that in mind both hides dogs could easily get to source but were required to cover the whole area which was one half of the warehouse.

One hide was on a small step ladder against the wall down an alley of feed pallets - this pulled towards the (closed) shutter doors so a lot of dogs went past to the door then worked it in.

The second hide was on the floor approx 2ft from a pallet, this one proved the harder hide, some handlers who worked on a line unknowingly blocked their dogs from accessing this area at all, quite a few dogs clearly worked odour in this area but didn’t commit to a full indication so handlers dismissed it and tasked the dogs on.

The standard of indications and searching was very high and scores were tight with the placed dogs, the winners showed great line handling skills to not get in the dogs way and worked both hides in from some distance with great commitment from the dog

Judges report Bronze

The area was a room to the side of the main shop that is currently be re furnished so containers various tools and wood/boxes of stuff!

One hide was on the bottom shelf quite near the entrance and the second was in the far corner on the bottom edge of a box.

Handlers could go either way around the room and it was fully enclosed so the majority were free searching. All teams located at least one hide, most found both, starting left handed threw a few dogs as the hit the odour almost immediately but they worked it back in second time. The box hide was mostly picked up directly opposite and then worked in

We had a mixture of teams with some inexperienced handlers and also some young dogs just starting out competing, all showed great promise and will be exciting to see them develop

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