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Bronze trial 12th May @ Kate Bowsher Dog Training

1st Marie Poole and Margo 97

2nd Emily Meadows and Crosby 96 (D)

3rd Lisa Hunt and Jimmy 96

4th Sheila Rodger and Taylor 96 (D)

5th Leslie Clements and Gavita 96 (D)

6th Rosie Reid and Slinkydog 96

1st Rosie Reid and Slinkydog 100

2nd Emily Meadows and Crosby 92 (D)

3rd Leslie Clements and Tejo 91

4th Sam Rubandhas and Ruffles 90

5th Marie Poole and Margo 86

6th Lisa Hunt and Jimmy 84

Bronze 1 Judges report

The trial area was a section of a large indoor warehouse, a rectangular area with a van in the middle and 2 forklifts parked in opposite corners (blocking off the rest of the barn) . One hide was placed down the left hand side of the area on a pallet which was on the front of the fork lift, the second hide was at the opposite corner of the search area between the van and forklift, again on a pallet but leaning against the shelving so upright.

The standard of teams was incredibly high, teams tackled this in a variety of ways, on and off line and in both directions, all found both and no one scored below 90! Unusually for a trial it came down to time as 5 of the teams scored the same and couldn’t be split on teamwork scores! Well done to all on such lovely searching, a really tough class considering 90 points didn’t get a place !

Bronze 2 Judges Report:

A wonderful group of competitors this evening all the dogs tried their hearts out to some excellent results. The area was part of the shop, a reasonably sized room with dog and pet food on shelving down the middle and sides. There were also a few areas of piles of boxes and empty shelves. Competitors could start wherever they wanted, and time started on first task. The first hide was under a loose piece of shelf on an empty podium. Most dogs picked this up in the far corner and worked it back to source. Some dogs were over enthusiastic with this hide and moved the piece of metal around, before indicating. The second hide was at the other end of the room on the underside of the second shelf up, there was a gap in the shelf below meaning smaller dogs could get on the bottom shelf to get closer to source. The bottom shelf had bagged dog chews and treats on it, which made some handlers think their dogs were just distracted by food, when actually they were in odour. Some beautiful indications on this hide, some dogs got up under the shelf and some at the end of the shelf.

All the handlers planned and covered the search areas really well and were encouraging and supportive of their dogs. Some lovely teams to watch.

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