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Cirencester Football Club

5th June 2022

Judges Lucy & Kirsty


1st Jules & Noodle 87

2nd Bev & Delilah 71

3rd Sheila & Nico 70

4th Natasha & Wren 62

5th Ann & Kenzie 60

6th Wendy & Millie 59

Marnie & Kipper 59

Lynda & Poppy 51


1st Marie & Roger 90

2nd Richard & Ziggy 82

3rd Ann & Kenzie 81

4th Jules & Noodle 73

5th Natasha & River 68

6th Nicky & Evie 53

Judges Report

We were very lucky with the weather, the forecasted rain and thunderstorms held off just leaving a chilly, breezy and slightly damp day


An area search which included stands. The first hide was near to the start line on a metal post. This meant the odour wasn’t held close to the hide so dogs either picked it up from a distance or found when tasked onto the pole itself. Some lovely examples of dogs working into source.

The second hide was not, as many handlers assumed, in the seating area but actually in a hole in the ground in front of the stands insert evil judges cackle. This was very interesting, several of the dogs identified odour in the top left hand corner of the stands where the wind was causing it to pool. This confused handlers who then held dogs in this area searching over the same area which caused a problem in their time management for clearing the whole area.

Really enjoyed watching the dogs problem solving and there were some nice runs.


This was a perimeter search which included turnstiles, a larger hopper and a bank of seating. All dogs searched the turnstiles very well and handlers showed good choices navigating around this awkward space , most dogs missed the first hide which was behind a vent in a storage room door on the first pass but found it later when handlers brought them back to the area and worked from a different direction.

The second hide was at ground level under carpet, a surrounding canopy held the odour close to source so none of the dogs had a problem locating it.

The third was underneath a table in the top righthand side of the stand, This one proved really challenging to most of the dogs. They identified the area but found it tricky to work to source. The technical proximity to the second hide was a challenge to handlers as they had to decide whether to move the dog away from the area or task them to go in greater detail. A really good standard and some very enjoyable runs to watch.

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