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Club trial 11th May - Kate Bowsher Dog Training

Group 1:

1st Lisa and Jimmy 89

2nd Kirsty and Pickle 83

3rd Lesley and Gavita 78

4th Jan and Onyx 75

5th Nicola and Pastel 65

Group 2:

1st Rebecca and Dougal 87

2nd Suzi and Buster 76

3rd Jenny and Guv 62

4th Melanie and Pepper 58

5th Lesley and Tejo 57

Judges Report:

Tonight’s club trial was a challenging one! The entirety of a small grooming room, with lots of distractions including scented candles and dog beds/odour. Many dogs struggled with nerves tonight just because it was a grooming room! But all of them worked through it to some degree to get some good searching even if they didn’t find. The class was split into 2 groups with 2 different hide locations. The first was inside a cupboard with the door ajar, the second group were looking for a hide taped to the bottom of a grooming table leg. The problems for both hides were the same, a very close environment, which was easy for the handlers to over crowd their dogs and subsequently micromanage.

Many dogs struggled with distraction of doggie smells but handlers did a good job of distinguish between distraction and in odour which was lovely to see. All the teams did brilliantly in area coverage, and their handling skills in a difficult environment. Dogs although distracted worked through to find the hides. The cupboard many picked up on the floor and worked into the door to a lovely indication. The grooming table was picked up in the air above the hide and worked down to source. Over all a lovely class of dogs and handlers. Extremely high praise is deserved to everyone who entered for giving it their first shot or overcoming obstacles to complete the trial. A big well done to all.

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