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Good Friday Trial


1st Ann Douglas and Kenzie 91

2nd Marie Poole and Margo 83

3rd Kim Harrison and Remy 80.5

4th Janet Ridden and Dylan 68


1st Kim Harrison and Remy 100

2nd Marney Wells and Kipper 98

3rd Marie Poole and Margo 93

4th Liz Price and Paddy 87

5th Ann Douglas and Kenzie 79

6th Janet Ridden and Dylan 77


1st Peter Tuck and Minnie 97

2nd Jan Martin and Onyx 96

3rd Kim Harrison Raven 86

4th Vanessa Bonner and Lola 84

5th Marney Wells and Mustard 80

6th David Beaman Scott and Chilli 78

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