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Nosework Dogs

11th May

On Saturday 11th May 2024 Nosework Dogs held a Silver ScentOps at a lovely Doggy Day Care Centre in Royal Wootton Bassett. 8 dogs competed on what was a lovely sunny day but quite warm. Thank you to Vee Garner Richardson who co- judged with me (Marie Poole).

The results were

1st Judith Poulton & Eddie 1st Place 97 points

2nd Marney Wells & Mustard 2nd Place 96 points

3rd Sharon Smith & Mosi 3rd Place 93 points

4th Clare Salter & Xena 4th Place 83 points

5th Bev Hoddinott & Delilah 5th Place 81 points

6th Peter Tuck & Minnie 6th Place 77 points.

The area we used was part of a Portaloo companies storage area. It was a large enclosed yard with trailers and vehicles parked within it. The 1st odour was placed near to the start on the front of a trailer where the tow bar met the trailer body. The second odour was further down the search on the back of a trailer parked near to a fence. It was quite a narrow area but plenty of room for dog and handler. 3 dogs got both hides and the dogs that found 1 hide were equally spread between the 2 hides. The main reason for misses were handlers just not covering the area fully or getting stuck on areas of interest and running out of time. Some lovely handling was shown and beautiful indications across all the teams. Thank you to all who came.

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