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Nosework Dogs 25th Feb

Judges report -  Club

This was a straightforward area of a large barn with numerous items around the perimeter and some items in the centre to add some interest. I placed the odour on a small table that was part of a recliner chair in one corner of the room. I picked an odour placement that I thought would be an unlikely place for handlers to task too as I wanted to see if the dogs understood their target well enough to work to source independently. All the teams found the odour and handlers allowed the dogs space to work. Most deductions were for how the handler tackled the search, with some approaches being a little random or for the indications not quite solid enough.

1st Rosie Reid and Tide 98

2nd Doreen Jevons and Maya 97

3rd Zita Polgar and Asha 90

4th Nicky Harrall and Hazel 89

Bronze - this was an L shaped perimeter search in an indoor container storage area. One hide was placed near the start of the search on a piece of wood. This hide was skipped by some dogs as there was a pile of random stuff nearby that caught the dogs attention and some teams got a little sticky here or forgot to work back across the area the dog had jumped. Most teams tackled the front of the containers well, a few handlers got the early hide and then rushed along the containers. A table with cat food on was just outside the search area at the top of the L and there was a lot of interest from the dogs here. The second odour was on a pallet at the top of the L and all dogs got this hide although it did cause a few wrong alerts where the dogs indicated on the wrong side of the pallet.

1st Rosie Reid and Slinkydog 100

2nd Kate Betts and Pip 100

3rd Bev Hoddinott and Mortimer 100

4th Nicky Harrell and Evie 98

5th Marney Wells and Mustard 95

6th Trish Gibbones and Havok 93

Silver - this was a big busy area, the first part was an open area incorporating the side of a mobile home and a wall, with a fork lift truck. This then lead to a narrow channel with stacks of pallets on one side and work benches on the other, some teams lost time here as they overworked the channel or the dogs picked up interest on the forklift. As the channel opened out there was an open stall/stable type area and the odour was on the left of the door. Most teams worked this beautifully especially as the hide placement meant handlers couldn’t help but block the hide as they moved into the stable. The standard of indications was exceptional. There was then a small open area with a table with cat food on it and a large wheelbarrow. This then lead through to another barn where there was numerous items . The odour was on the time of a manual pallet removal trolley. A few dogs ran out of time just as they reached it but 2 of the 6 dogs completed the search with approximately 1 minute to spare.

1st Peter Tuck and Minnie 99

2nd Hilary Denyer and Drusie 98

3rd Marney Wells and Kipper 79

4th Kate Betts and Pip 77

5th Bev Hoddinott and Delilah 76

6th Ros Kellow and Chrisan Clarenza 70

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