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Ready. Set. Compete!

Congratulations to everyone that came along to the 13th March 2022 official launch trial!

Results: CLUB 1st Jamie and Bear 2nd Sue and Isla 3rd Lynda and Pacho 4th Denise and Oddbod 5th James and Crunchie 6th Marie and Wren

BRONZE 1st Jamie and Bear 2nd Sue and Isla 3rd Wendy and Mille 4th Lynda and Pacho 5th Denise and Oddbod 6th equal Liz and Paddy and Lyn and Kai

DIAMOND LEAGUE - BRONZE 1st Barbara and Prue 2nd Marie and Bridget


The search area for club should be simple and give the team search confidence whilst allowing the dog to demonstrate their knowledge of the odour. Todays area was a short corridor, small room to one side and a slightly larger room to the back.

The corridor and smaller room were incorporated to allow the team to have time to settle in to the search however almost all dogs ran straight down the corridor to the larger room without searching. The hide was on an armchair leg and dogs who worked in to the room found in a much more efficient manner than those who rushed in and past the odour.

There were lovely indications and all teams found. There was also a fantastic demonstration of foundation knowledge of searching and handling, particularly from those teams whose first competitive trial it was.

All dogs in this class achieved their completion certificates.

A very pleasing class to judge.


Bronze should be a progression from club and either include some outdoor space or be totally outdoors in a low distracting environment. This search was of an old stable yard that had been converted to bedrooms and consisted of one small bedroom, the exterior wall connecting to a second bedroom and an outdoor entrance area. The first hide was in the first bedroom under one corner of the bed, handlers did well to stand back and let the dogs work rather than get on top of them in a small space, some shot into the room and didn’t switch on to searching straight away, those that did found quickly. The majority of dogs found the switch to working a fairly blank wall outside tricky and handlers experience shone through here. The second hide was in the door step of the second room, those that worked the wall into this second area found before going into the last room, a large amount passed this hide but then worked it back out. Area coverage starts to play a bit more at this level so those that skipped the wall dropped a mark or two but on the whole a great standard of work and lots of great indications. All dogs found both hides and I hope had a confidence building search ready for some of them to move up a level. We also had our first entries for the diamond league and it’s lovely to see some older dogs being able to really enjoy their searching and be competitive at a level the handler can pick to suit.

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