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Scentsational Scentwork 21st July

Scent Ops Judges Report

Friday 21st July - St Mary’s Church Climping


How lucky were we to have such a super location today.

The first hide (deep hide) we decided to place this behind a cupboard door that looked like it was a bookcase but was false with wallpaper suggesting it was books. Tricky one and all teams missed it despite observing some beautiful head flicks from a few dogs but missed by the handlers. The odour also appeared to be blowing from the cupboard onto an opposite concrete pillar which caught each and everyone out.

The second hide was placed behind a pew in a crevice in the wall, this was really interesting as all handlers were working their dogs in and out the pew rows then they would suddenly break and shoot off leaving their handler behind. We had some amazing indications on this hide whilst the dog was their waiting for their handler to catch up marks reflected on this.

The third hide was in the bottom of the bell tower room located in a box with the lid open by an inch and by a rubbish bin this proved difficult for many as the assumption was that it was in the open cupboard and not many tasked their dogs into the area.

This was an extremely close trial and I think the points reflect on this. The level of competition was extremely high.

Handling and teamwork was second to none.

I look forward to the next one in this venue.

1st Jamie Read and Bear 70

2nd Janet Ridden and Dylan 70

3rd Ann Douglas and Kenzie 69

4th Gina Challen and Mabel 67

5th Eleanor Hogan and Tilly 66

6th Wendy Payne and Millie 65

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