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The Dog Nose 23/07/23

The bronze area was a fairly large empty industrial space consisting of 1 main room with partial walls and 4 small rooms leading off including a kitchen and toilet. The first hide was in one of the small rooms which had an exterior door, in a small cavity in the floor with a loose piece of carpet tile disguising it from view. The second hide was in the main room , hidden in plain site. A small black sticker placed on black trim that ran along the bottom of the walls. Most handlers expressed surprise at the size of the space however almost all found both hides well within the time. Some very nice approaches to search plans and a very high standard meant a very high scoring group. Three teams on 90 points had only a single difference in team scores to divide them.

1st Barry & Tweed 97

2nd Marie & Reiss 95

3rd Fiona & Theo 93

4th Rosie & Slinkydog 92

5th Katherine & Rio 90

Joint 6th Peter & Minnie 90

Dave & Dexter 90


Downstairs in The Dog Nose including the main area, office, storage room containing floor to ceiling racks filled with bags of kibble, the kitchen and lower stairs. The first hide was under an oil fired radiator (turned off) in the office, this space is used for bagging and storage of treats and chews so it was fantastic to see dogs prioritise their odour over these very enticing options and give very assured indications. The second hide gave everyone the most trouble, it was inside the rung of a folded ladder at the bottom of the stairs. The dogs could locate odour from the open side but it was at a weaker concentration or from the stronger end next to the stairs where the space was more difficult to navigate. A lot depended on the handler having and executing a good plan towards clearing an area which is fiddly for them to move around. All teams gave a great effort and it was a real challenge particularly for the less experienced dogs, we were impressed at how well handlers read and adapted with their dogs in such a tempting environment

1st Rosie & Slinkydog 82

2nd Sam & Ruffles 79

3rd Lynda & Poppy 79

4th Peter & Minnie 77

5th Hilary & Drusie 77

6th Marie & Reiss 73

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